Power & Energy

Power & Energy

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For over a decade, Aurex Group has worked closely with leaders throughout the energy sector including power generators, utilities, transmission and distribution businesses.

New energy infrastructure investment is booming as the global transition from traditional coal and gas to a low-carbon energy future continues to gather pace. Generation facilities and transmission networks are being built or adapted for renewable energy generation from sources including hydro, solar, wind, geo-thermal and waste to energy solutions. The growing uptake of battery storage and electric vehicles is also driving infrastructure development at household, community and national levels.

Through our global office network, Aurex Group is regularly called on to help leading organisations find and engage the talent who can help them meet the challenges and opportunities of the new energy landscape. Our team share a deep understanding of changing markets and the skills and experience needed, especially in niche and emerging energy sectors.

From investment advisers to construction specialists, operational and technical leaders to the new generation of C-suite executives, our human capital solutions will help you to gain or maintain a competitive advantage in your area of investment, development or operation of energy infrastructure.


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