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From local convenience stores to big box outlets, specialist homemaker centres to mixed use retail developments, the retail sector continues to be reshaped by the ever-evolving preferences and demands of consumers.

Growth in online shopping for everything from groceries and home essentials to clothing and luxury items is reshaping the retail experience across the world. More than ever, retailers are looking to redefine in-store shopping to deliver a distinctive, fun and personalised experience that complements online engagement.

Whether it’s high-end fashion or everyday purchases, investment in store design and customer experience is helping to revitalise the retail real estate and drive investor returns in both CBD and suburban locations.

Aurex Group has many long-standing engagements within the broader retail industries and experience across the spectrum of assets that define the retail real estate sector. We have an outstanding track-record in finding world-class candidates for leadership roles in all aspects of investing, developing and managing retail assets and brands of every type.

Aurex Group candidates have the skills and the vision to optimise the value of your retail assets. Our consultants draw on our global talent pools to find the best talent for your needs and we have also had great success in providing candidates with highly relevant and transferable skills from adjacent industry sectors. From asset and portfolio managers to leasing and tenancy specialists, our candidates can also help retail operators to leverage the opportunities of e-commerce or synergise logistics and operations across an entire property portfolio to build asset value.


Our talent solutions cover appointments across a broad spectrum of investment, development and operational roles. Whether it’s a board position, design director, construction manager or HR leader, we deeply understand the market and current professional requirements to support businesses and candidates to achieve their goals.

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