Multi Family & Build-to-Rent

Multi Family & Build-to-Rent

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Build-to-rent and multi-family developments are gaining attraction as alternative investments.

Unlike residential buildings where apartments are individually owned, the entire property is owned and managed by a single entity with apartments rented out to individual tenants.

At a time of soaring property prices, rising inflation and a growing number of renters in tight markets, build-to-rent housing has gained traction in many countries as an attractive alternative for investors and tenants alike. For developers, it can offer a steady source of income with the potential for higher returns than ordinary residential assets. In case of market downturns, residential assets generally outperform commercial or industrial real estate.

Aurex Group consultants draw on a global network to provide informed talent solutions for organisations engaged in the build-to-rent market. We cover a broad range of leadership roles across strategy, investment and acquisition, construction, community development, asset marketing and amenity optimisation.

As an emerging global asset class, we can leverage our experience, insight and talent pools in other real estate sectors to provide alternative talent solutions for clients and candidates alike. Our clients are thought leaders in this space; the investors, developers, builders and operating platforms setting out to change the way we live.

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