Data Centre

Data Centre

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Data touches every aspect of our lives, from work, at home and everywhere in between.

We have a collective expectation that data networks will instantly, securely and reliably deliver the services on which we depend. Unsurprisingly, the data centre industry and its specialist real estate are growing exponentially.

With many people working or isolating at home during the pandemic, there has been a global surge in demand for services reliant on data – from meeting, working and learning online, to shopping and delivery services, and streaming entertainment. In all aspects of commerce and industry, businesses rely on data to inform and guide business decisions, transform business processes and provide customer insight.

The continued demand for data storage and security and the need for greater energy efficiency will continue to accelerate and drive growth in data centre and cloud infrastructure real estate development.

This comparatively new and growing real estate asset class needs specialist thinking to be applied at every step of investment, development and the ongoing management and maintenance of assets. These considerations may include, for example, specific requirements around reliable cooling systems, constant power supply and connection to fibre optic networks.

Aurex Group consultants draw on their experience working across the real estate sectors to approach recruitment briefs for data centre engagement with insight and understanding. We recruit leadership roles for every function of data centre development and management, including C-suite, design engineering, project delivery, portfolio management, critical engineering and operations, sustainability, and sales and solution architecture.

The available talent pool for data centre specialists can be small and competitively pursued as a developing asset category. To ensure we provide the best talent for your role, we also draw on adjacent sectors where transferable talents and skills can help optimise your data centre investments and operations.


Our talent solutions cover appointments across a broad spectrum of investment, development and operational roles. Whether it’s a board position, design director, construction manager or HR leader, we deeply understand the market and current professional requirements to support businesses and candidates to achieve their goals.

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