Power Generation & Storage

Power Generation & Storage

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Power developers and utilities are undergoing a major transformation.

Emerging technologies, shifting energy needs, changing regulatory environments and the race to create a cleaner and more reliable grid have all led to explosive growth in renewables. Aurex Group has been a part of this journey since our inception. For over a decade, we have provided talent and human capital solutions to companies involved in the investment, development, operations, storage, distribution and trading of electricity.

As the global power industry shifts to decarbonisation we are working at the forefront of the fundamental shift in the employment landscape. A tripling of renewable power sector jobs is projected over the next 15 years and Aurex Group is well positioned to help clients and candidates meet the emerging challenges and opportunities.

With our strong networks in both global and local markets, and speed-to-market solutions, we are regularly engaged to help organisations find the talent that will help them to achieve and maintain a competitive advantage.

We are fortunate to support some of the world’s most innovative companies, including power generators, utilities, renewable energy developers, transmission and distribution, battery storage companies, energy trading companies, ISOs, energy service companies, retailers, EPC firms, OEMs, EV companies, and diversified global energy corporations.


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