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Chemicals is an important element of the Aurex Group’s oil and gas portfolio.

With increasing pressure to reduce hydrocarbon emissions, the growth of petrochemicals has started to outpace demand growth of other market segments.

Oil and gas companies are under mounting pressure to not only further develop their chemicals business but also transform it to address social, political, and customer-driven requirements to achieve a more sustainable future. These drivers of change include increased competition from globalisation, a faster pace of innovation, a shorter time to market and business process transformation through Big Data, industrial automation and the Internet of Things.

To adapt to these changes, new strategies and models for research and development are required. Key players in the chemicals industry can’t just rely on their technical expertise. They need bold leadership with the skills, competencies and experience to transform businesses for a sustainable future .

Aurex Group has a long-established presence across the chemicals industry and has an extensive track record helping our clients assess, attract and retain professionals across their organisations. Our chemical consultants advise on every element of the transformation– from the requirements of self-disruptive leadership, to the new ways of working and collaborating. With forward thinking talent, we’re helping organisations to adapt their business models and build the capability to develop innovative solutions that can future-proof their business.

Our consultants draw on their market knowledge and sector insight to offer integrated expertise across regions, functions, and capabilities. We help our clients assess, acquire, develop and retain professional and executive-level talent working across commodities, diversified, industrial gas, petrochemical and specialty chemical sectors.


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