Carbon & Environmental Products

Carbon & Environmental Products

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The global move to minimise carbon emissions and mitigate the effects of climate change will affect every sector of industry and society.

From energy generation to transport, manufacturing to agriculture, the transition is already a fundamental driver of growth as industries evolve to create green jobs in developed and emerging economies alike.

For governments, major organisations or multinational businesses alike, carbon management strategies and environmental policies are essential. We are already seeing administrations and corporations commit trillions of dollars to commercialise carbon management technologies, creating new jobs while enabling traditionally high-emissions industries to become environmentally and economically sustainable.

Our Carbon and Environmental products consultants advise on every element of the decarbonised economy. We work with government and business leaders to drive more efficient consumption of energy and raw materials, to limit greenhouse gas emissions, minimise waste and contamination, protect and restore ecosystems, and contribute to adaptation to climate change.

As businesses transform, our candidates can help drive transition and align carbon strategies with core business objectives. We work to connect our clients’ businesses with leading talent in carbon assessment, management and trading. Through their understanding of the natural resources and energy sectors, Aurex Group talent can help analyse, assess and plan carbon market strategies and lead carbon credit projects. They can help assess and manage current and future risks and guide the decisions that can drive your business forward.


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