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As water is the world’s most precious and essential resource, keeping it safe for the future is a key focus for governments and communities globally.

With growing populations, increasing urbanisation and a warming planet, infrastructure for water management is a priority for investment.

Since our foundation, Aurex Group has specialised in helping private and public organisations involved in the investment, development, and operation of critical infrastructure, including water infrastructure.

Through our offices in Australia, USA, Asia and United Kingom, we have earned a leading reputation for sourcing visionary leaders for water infrastructure projects the world over. We have brought talent to projects in every specialist area of infrastructure including dams and water storage, pipelines, wastewater treatment and recycling, desalination plants, pumping and irrigation.

Water resources are essential to the operations of many enterprises and Aurex Group also offers insight and understanding of how key water infrastructure is inextricably part of diverse industry sectors such as agriculture, resources mining and processing, manufacturing, food processing and chemicals production.

From infrastructure investment advisers to C-suite leaders and operational specialists, Aurex Group will match your organisation’s needs with candidates who have the experience, talent and vision to guide your project and your business forward.


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