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Is Hydrogen the next big jobs creator?

​The global quest for clean energy is disrupting the fossil-fuel world order. Hydrogen is emerging as a key player in the global energy transition as countries target net zero emissions.

And momentum is only getting stronger as hydrogen is adopted by governments as part of their national energy strategies. As a result, low-carbon hydrogen could account for up to 12% of global energy use by 2050, according to the International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA).

With ambitious targets and generous public and private investment in the hydrogen economy, how are companies in the sector targeting talent to deliver on their commitments?

Targeting specialized industries and expertise

The development, construction and maintenance of hydrogen infrastructure, on the scale that is needed globally, is driving strong demand for engineers, project managers and technicians, and their specialized knowledge and experience.

Aurex Group is also seeing keen interest in candidates with Oil & Gas industry expertize, primarily, professionals with gas processing and transporting capabilities. For those looking to capitalize on the growth within the hydrogen economy, these skills are highly transferable and command higher salaries to secure roles.

With the hydrogen sector looking to become a key contributor to the green economy, companies are also seeking professionals who share a passion for the environment. If you are looking to contribute to a sustainable future, several companies are listing this outlook as a desired requirement as they expand and build towards their goals.

Collaborators are needed to drive businesses forward

Many companies in the hydrogen sector are relying on collaborations and partnerships to advance their businesses, leverage their strengths and accelerate growth. To achieve this, they need professionals who are skilled at building and managing relationships with partners and stakeholders.

This is also true of workplaces within the hydrogen sector actively looking to attract a diverse range of candidates to ensure a wide spectrum of perspectives and experiences are represented. With the growing importance of diversity and inclusion across all sectors, emerging energy players are showing they are no different in developing their business practices to meet the demands of today’s market.

Don’t forget about government investment and funding

Governments around the world are providing financial support for the development of hydrogen energy and infrastructure, creating a positive environment for job creation in other fields. Funding for research, development and construction is already happening and will boost opportunities locally for professionals working in these areas across departments, institutes and selected companies.

The hydrogen economy has the capacity to reach far and wide in terms of its appeal and opportunities for professionals. It is not only candidates from the energy sector that can benefit from this growing market, but also those who can bring the additional skill sets companies and governments are seeking to propel the industry forward in the clean energy race.

Aurex Group can help

If you are a candidate, please check our jobs page or contact us to discuss your background, skills, and future aspirations.

If you are a company considering hiring, we welcome the opportunity to present our services and capabilities.

We always look forward to staying connected and exchanging ideas, insights, and opinions.

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Sophie Rao
Senior Consultant