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Improving Gender Diversity in Power Sector Recruitment

  • ​According to recent research published by the IEA the energy sector employs fewer women than almost any other major part of the economy

  • However, there are signs of improvement in power sector recruitment


​The energy sector does not have the best track record when it comes to gender diversity.

Traditionally male-dominated, it employs fewer women than almost any other major part of the economy. For example, women account for just 22% of employees in the oil and gas industry and 32% in renewables. That’s despite making up over 48% of the global labour force.

This isn’t an isolated phenomenon. It’s a similar story across the world, from United States to Europe and the Asia-Pacific market – where, despite signs of progress in other sectors, women’s representation in oil and gas is decreasing.

Today, we’re discussing the gender gap and the need for a better-balanced energy sector, highlighting the positive steps being taken in some areas of power sector recruitment.

Women in Energy Statistics:

  • Women represented 17.1% of senior management positions in 2021

  • In 2020, just 1 in 10 entry-level technical and field roles was held by women, a 15% drop from 2017.

  • A higher percentage of women (32%) work in renewables than in other areas. However, 45% hold administrative positions versus 28% who work in STEM-related roles.

  • 50% of the top 20 energy companies in the Fortune Global 500 have no women in their executive teams.

  • Salaries for female energy talent are approximately 20% lower than their male counterparts.

​The Need for Gender Diversity in Power Sector Recruitment

Whether we’re discussing green power recruitment or power sector recruitment as a whole, women are underrepresented at most levels of seniority and across the many different energy sub-sectors.

Addressing this issue is a priority for most of our clients. As the power sector pivots toward clean energy, we see and opportunity to balance gender diversity.

IRENA predicts there will be 29 million jobs in the renewables space by 2050, which is almost 19 million more than there were in 2017.

With demand for renewable energy staffing set to soar, welcoming more women into the sector would help meet the need for new talent and ensure a fairer distribution of socio-economic opportunities.


Positive Signs for Power Sector Recruitment

There’s a long way to go, but evidence of increased gender diversity in the energy sector is mounting. According to data published by EWOB in their Gender Diversity Index deport - in Europe, the percentage of women in the oil and gas industry rose from 24% to 33% between 2017 and 2020.

Likewise, although it’s only a slight increase, the number of female executives in the top 20 energy companies in the Fortune Global 500 rose from 8% to 10% between 2014 and 2018.

Recent studies shows that large energy-related multinational companies have a much higher number of women in leadership positions than smaller enterprises. According to several reputable sources we are now seeing that gender diversity is improving in the energy sector at a faster rate than in other industries.


The global energy sector has one of the lowest rates of gender diversity in all major industries. Encouragingly, there’s evidence to suggest the tide is turning - just in time to help address the current shift toward cleaner energy and the pressure it’s putting on power sector recruitment.

If you’re a company considering strengthening your commitment towards Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) we welcome the opportunity to present our services and capabilities and discussing how we can support you.

If you are individual interested in understanding what opportunities are currently in the market please check our jobs page or contact us to discuss your background, skills, and future aspirations.

​We look forward exchanging ideas, insights, and opinions.

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