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Australia’s Data Centre industry continues to make advancements

Demand for data centres is rising. So, naturally to meet that demand, we're witnessing an industry-wide expansion of real estate development in every geographic region across Australia.  

Over the last ten years, Australia's data centre market and cloud growth have accelerated significantly. As a result, Sydney has remained Australia's central interconnection hub with Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud to cope with increased demand.  

Why has Australia preserved this relationship? Sydney remains the hub for all significant east coast submarine data cables, it also hosts the Australian Stock Exchange and is the country's central commerce hub. All these services rely on data centre facilities and so create demand for data centre specialist roles.

So, what does this indicate for Australia's talent acquisition, data centre recruitment and the real estate job market? Cloudscene reports that Australia now has over 280 data centres, 720 providers and more than 20 network fabrics. As Australia marks its dominance, Sydney, Melbourne, Perth, Brisbane, and Canberra have begun to release their plans to help shape the future of Australia's real estate job market.

  • STACK Infrastructure announced it would expand its footprint by adding 120 megawatts of power capacity in the markets of Melbourne, Canberra, and Perth, Australia.  

  • xScale Australia announced a US$575m joint venture with PGIM Real Estate in March 2022 to develop and operate two data centre facilities in Sydney, Australia, with 55+ megawatts of power capacity.

  • NEXTDC announced its plans for a new 150-MW hyper-scale data centre campus in Melbourne and a new 300-MW facility in Sydney. 

  • DigitalBridge has made a A$30m (US$20.9m) equity investment into Leading Edge Data Centres to develop 14 locations in NSW (Phase 1), followed by 7 locations in Victoria (Phase 2) and 10 locations in Queensland (Phase 3). 

Consequently, the Australian data centre industry has become a prominent global competitor. With an uprise in remote working, rapid technological advancements, and e-commerce; record numbers of data centres continue to be used and built.  

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