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Ask Me Anything: Data Centres and Digital Infrastructure

​Aurex Group's 'Ask Me Anything' series kicked off in 2021 with a private discussion with a leading digital infrastructure and data centre specialist to gain insight into one of the fastest evolving sectors in the Real Estate and Infrastructure world. This month's speaker works within the development of technology, network and corporate ecosystems for a major global digital infrastructure developer and operator in APAC.

The discussion covered the lifecycle of data centre development, from the complexity behind the properties’ physical locations to the industry’s interconnected relationships and how companies are preparing for future disruption.

Top three takeaways

  1. The strategic planning surrounding a data centre’s physical location is highly sophisticated. These buildings must fulfil a strict and long set of criteria before operators and developers deem them viable. This includes everything from a host country’s political stability to distance from submarine cable networks and proximity to key clientele such as hospitals, banks and manufacturers.

  2. The biggest fear for operators in the sector is a loss of trust with clients. Jeopardised networks or data, be it through a black swan event or other unforeseen circumstances, would be very damaging within an industry where integrity is vital.

  3. The market is on a journey of decentralisation that is tipped to continue. With the expansion of 5G, and the oncoming requirement for huge amounts of data to be downloaded, specialists expect data centres to become smaller and more widespread to cope with demand.

The final word

“If you are looking for an industry that is on an upward trajectory, digital infrastructure is an incredibly dynamic sector. Not long ago, this was an asset class that was seen as ‘alternative’. In the not too distant future, we are going to see data centres not only become mainstream, but their appearance and format to be altered dramatically.”

The ‘Ask Me Anything’ series creates exclusive sit-down discussions with Aurex Group and leading professionals across our key sectors. For more information, please contact Ben Watt, Managing Director, Greater China.


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